Meet smarter, get greener

Using WebEx simplifies your life — and gives our planet a break too.

Improvements in the efficiency with which we use energy offer the biggest opportunities to reduce energy consumption - and CO2 emissions - while saving money and increasing productivity at the same time.

- Al Gore

Shrink your carbon footprint

When you meet online using WebEx, you reduce your fossil-fuel consumption and air pollution. How much CO2 can you save? Consider this:
  • Save 2,690 pounds of carbon dioxide by using WebEx instead of flying from New York to London for a team meeting.
  • Save 4,696 pounds of carbon dioxide by enabling two salespeople to give a presentation via WebEx rather than traveling from Chicago to Silicon Valley.
  • Save 22,377 pounds of carbon dioxide when you train 12 employees using WebEx instead of flying them to San Francisco from Dallas.
Use our handy calculator to see how you can reduce your carbon emissions
by using WebEx online meetings.
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